for the wildly in love

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I want to tell your story – of love, of life.

The tenderness of their hands on the small of your back, the utter peace you feel when holding each other, the secret dances and melodies that only you know, the familiar rhythm of their heartbeat thrumming against your ribs, the way their eyes crinkle as they laugh with (and sometimes at) you, the way that tracing the winding paths of their skin feels as familiar as walking home, and those in-between moments that are sacred.

This, your love, is earth-moving and a story so, so worth telling.

Let’s capture it vulnerably and beautifully, together.

I’m all about drawing out the love you already share and capturing those unposed moments in all their light-filled, beautifully intimate glory. I want the fullness of your connection and your emotion to be what moves you more than anything else in these photos.

If you’re nervous about being in front of a camera, honestly, that’s okay! Trust me, you’ll be throw-your-head-back-laughing with your babe in no time and you’ll almost forget that I’m there. Whether it be your wedding day or a special season in your relationship, I can’t emphasise this enough – photos are the most precious keepsakes you can have and you’ll treasure them years and decades from now. Though your own memory of these moments will become a little soft and dazed on the edges, I want to work with you to create a beautiful gallery that you’ll be able to wander through endlessly.

So, in your home, on mountaintops, by the ocean, in ancient forests, under waterfalls…let’s go on an adventure together!

Personalised quotes and further details about my work are available upon enquiry – I’d love to hear from you!