a prayer for tired hearts

I’ve always felt a deep affinity with the changing of the seasons but this winter, more than ever, I’ve felt the yearning of my soul, my body and the earth for the promised first breaths of spring and all that she brings. This month, as spring begins to unfold, I can feel the dancing sunshine, […]

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our wedding


This weekend marks six months since the beginning of the most beautiful adventure. Sometimes, there are moments whose weight cannot be contained in words. I’m a writer who can string ashes into pretty, garland metaphors. Yet, there are not lovely-enough words to describe the string of undying flowers that your love has permanently pinned upon […]

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the seasonal, the worn + the slowing

Life has been a whirlwind lately and my heart and mind have been running wild amidst all that there has been to see, do and learn. Seasons like these create both brilliant and dangerous paths to wander down at times and so I’m slowing my steps and measuring my breath to bask in the beauty […]

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a surprise proposal in the blue mountains

I’ve always adored telling stories about love and ever since getting married last November, I’ve become more of a romantic than ever; valuing the beauty, intimacy and depth of relational vulnerability that we were made to flourish in. More than ever, as a photographer, my heart is for cultivating, capturing and sharing the wonder of […]

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a relaxed summer engagement session by the beach


Last summer, I spent an evening with Rach and Lachy, picnicking, laughing and frolicking around the beach in Sydney where Rach’s grandparents met over fifty years ago. I met Rach while at university where we weathered a couple of law subjects together, but our friendship really found its roots in much more than that. Over […]

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