a relaxed summer engagement session by the beach


Last summer, I spent an evening with Rach and Lachy, picnicking, laughing and frolicking around the beach in Sydney where Rach’s grandparents met over fifty years ago. I met Rach while at university where we weathered a couple of law subjects together, but our friendship really found its roots in much more than that. Over […]

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our honeymoon

Whenever we told people that we had decided to honeymoon in New Zealand, we were invariably met with some version of, “YES, oh my goodness, you’ll love it. New Zealand is so you guys!” And oh, truly, we did love it. New Zealand captured our hearts and in the few weeks that we were there, we […]

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mornings in the psalms


The movement of my fingers flicking through the pages of my Bible to the book of Psalms is, more than often, slow. I love the Psalms, but recently, my wanders to those songs of praise, lament and prayer have often either been driven by a desire for comfort in a sad, troubled season of my […]

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on long distance

A heart’s desire can tear apart worlds; can build them. A heart’s desire is no small thing. Today is our four year anniversary! Four years since Dickson sweetly met me with coffee on a cold winter morning, walked with me by flower fields and the sea and asked me to embark on this adventure with […]

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wild winter blooms : roses, gum foliage + cotton

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a dreamy Saturday morning, at once bathed in golden, winter sunshine and tempered by a biting, frosty breeze. Like any good Sydney-sider, I spent the late hours of the morning catching up with a dear friend over brunch alfresco and as we meandered back towards our respective paths home, […]

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