a prayer for tired hearts

I’ve always felt a deep affinity with the changing of the seasons but this winter, more than ever, I’ve felt the yearning of my soul, my body and the earth for the promised first breaths of spring and all that she brings. This month, as spring begins to unfold, I can feel the dancing sunshine, the new life blooming and the earth’s re-awakening deep in my bones.

These seasonal rhythms. A balm for our tired hearts.

The last six months have been filled with so much. I know that some of those uncertain journeys over mountains and through valleys have been collective and shared, but many of them have also been marked by solitary footprints. As we usher in a new season, I desperately want to remember every celebration of joy and gratitude, as well as every quiver of deep-seated fear and uncertainty that has passed through my heart and our home.

More than ever, the growing years are making each day singularly precious to me and they bring eternity breathtakingly close. And I love it. I love that invitation to remember and to be present.

In a world that has monetised our distraction, I want to hear my Creator’s voice above the noise; to commune with Him and find rest for my soul. I want to be caught by those sudden stabs of beauty or joy or pain or regret; long enough to look deeply at the unutterable longings and hope within me, so as to be caught by the One I was made for.

And perhaps, you do too.

So, however your heart is feeling today —

may emancipation find you in your tethers;
may solace find you in your unrest;
may satisfaction find you in your longings;
may contentedness find you in your comparisons;
may hope find you in your sorrows;
may truth find you in your lies;
may healing find you in your scars;
may rescue find you in your desperation;
may water find you in your deserts;
may warmth find you in your winters;
may home find you in your roaming; and
may forever find you in your temporaries.

So delighted to be back in this space, sweet friends x

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