our wedding


This weekend marks six months since the beginning of the most beautiful adventure.

Sometimes, there are moments whose weight cannot be contained in words. I’m a writer who can string ashes into pretty, garland metaphors. Yet, there are not lovely-enough words to describe the string of undying flowers that your love has permanently pinned upon my soul. How could a world so small contain something as deep as our love, a glimpse into the greatest Love of all?

We met four years ago, we spent one year doing long distance from Sydney to Paris, we were engaged on a mountaintop during golden hour in springtime and we were married last November, surrounded by those we love most.

Our wedding day holds one of the most sacred spaces in my heart. In one day, my whole world expanded.

Even if I never saw of these photos, I would remember it all forever.

Dickson, my love, I’ll kiss you until the sun goes down for the rest of our days.

Much love to our photographers and videographer, Peyton Rainey Byford, Charlotte Sowman and Byford Films. We’re so thankful for all that you do x

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