our wedding video


This weekend marks six months since the beginning of the most beautiful adventure. We’ve been holding our wedding video close to our hearts but couldn’t help but share it today – this is it! Much love to our photographer, Peyton R. Byford, and our videographer, Byford Films. We’re so thankful for all that you do […]

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the seasonal, the worn + the slowing

Life has been a whirlwind lately and my heart and mind have been running wild amidst all that there has been to see, do and learn. Seasons like these create both brilliant and dangerous paths to wander down at times and so I’m slowing my steps and measuring my breath to bask in the beauty […]

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a surprise proposal in the blue mountains

I’ve always adored telling stories about love and ever since getting married last November, I’ve become more of a romantic than ever; valuing the beauty, intimacy and depth of relational vulnerability that we were made to flourish in. More than ever, as a photographer, my heart is for cultivating, capturing and sharing the wonder of […]

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our honeymoon

Whenever we told people that we had decided to honeymoon in New Zealand, we were invariably met with some version of, “YES, oh my goodness, you’ll love it. New Zealand is so you guys!” And oh, truly, we did love it. New Zealand captured our hearts and in the few weeks that we were there, we […]

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mornings in the psalms


The movement of my fingers flicking through the pages of my Bible to the book of Psalms is, more than often, slow. I love the Psalms, but recently, my wanders to those songs of praise, lament and prayer have often either been driven by a desire for comfort in a sad, troubled season of my […]

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